You want an original birthday: come and practice one or more outdoor activities. Remember to call us to reserve your time slot.

We reserve a table for your afternoon tea: you can choose to bring your cake and your drinks or we can make homemade pancakes or waffles and our refreshment bar is at your disposal.
For all birthdays, we offer your child’s admission to the activity (s) practiced by the group as soon as there are 8 participants.
If you want to do several activities, contact us, we adapt the playing time according to your wishes.
To invite your friends to your birthday you can download and print your personalized invitation cards.


You wish to celebrate a particular event such as a bachelorette party or a bachelorette party (from 10 participants we offer the activity or activities practiced by the group to the bride or groom).
A family meal, a year-end outing with colleagues or friends, a sports club outing: don’t hesitate to book hilarious activities and take advantage of the group rate (by reservation). Contact us for decreasing prices.
You are in charge of a school and want to take your little ones out on a group outing: we are open to the day and offer you fun and sporting activities in complete safety: tree climbing in a lifeline continues from 3 years old: we never get loose from one end of the course to the other (no more handling errors, optimal safety!).

Nature Evasion

For more information or to book, contact us at