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Group of 6 people minimum otherwise call us to join a session.

Test your skill in this very fun game between archery and prisoner ball. Come challenge your friends, family or colleagues equipped with 100% harmless bow and arrows. In the wilderness, be the new Robin Hood, famous archer, or the future Katniss Everdeen, heroine of the Hunger Games trilogy in which the bow is her weapon of choice.

The rules are very simple: two teams oppose each other on a defined field and must hit their opponents with arrows with foam tips. At the start of the game the arrows are placed in the middle of the field and the game begins with a frenzied race to obtain his provisions. Come back and hide in your camp and try to hit your opponents in order to eliminate them. Once all your arrows are drawn, you will have to put yourself in the open to pick up the arrows of your opponents on the ground. Be careful, they are watching you !!

One part consists of an initiation of 5 min and 2 sessions of 20 min. Possibility of additional session.


Archery Game (from 10 years old)

DurationPrice per person
45 mins part: 5 mins initiation and 2 20 mins sessions 14 €
additional session (15 min) 4 €
Nature Evasion

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