Discover Airsoft near Brive-la-Gaillarde

What is airsoft? A sport, a hobby, a strategy, a team spirit, all united in an extraordinary activity!

Paintball had its heyday, but for some it hurt too much, we created lazergame, yes but suddenly we no longer feel anything and it lacks immersion!

So ? What else do you want ? A REALISTIC weapon replica less powerful than paintball, IMMERSIVE and SAFE equipment? Welcome to the world of * Airsoft *! The third generation of shooting games !

The third generation of shooting games! Enter a world where all your senses will be awakened! Whether you are with friends, colleagues or family, you will all be immersed in a game that combines strategy and cohesion!

From domination to the famous deathmatch team through the capture of the flag, you will have a whole range of scenarios available. Our staff is present to provide you with the best possible support and put you in the best possible conditions for your game. Game accessories are at your disposal to enhance your session.

But be careful! Once you’ve tasted this wonderful world, you quickly become addicted to it!

Nature Evasion rates
Airsoft (from 18 years old)
Summer : minimum 6 people
Except summer : minimum 8 people
Off season : minimum 10 people.
Tarif / personne
Package 1h / 400 balls18 €
Package 2h / 800 balls30 €
Package 3h / 1200 balls 40 €
Speed ​​Game: 20min / 400 balls: 10 € / person (minimum 8 people)
Nature Evasion

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